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BEST KISTI , a leading organization to
the data ecosystem for Korea and its people!

한국과학기술정보연구원장 최희윤

For the past 50 years, KISTI has been contributing to the development of Korea’s science and technology industry through world-class supercomputing, global cooperative ultra-high-speed research network and the largest information arsenal for science and technology in Korea with over 100 million units.

Now, based on the science and technology information infrastructure it has built thus far, KISTI will lead the way for changing and innovating the science and technology data ecosystem placing the researcher at the center through accelerating the knowledge infrastructure which will pull the 4th Industrial Revolution.

KISTI will grow with the industry, academy and institute community as a central organization to the dynamic science and technology data ecosystem which shares data and creates value, laying a foundation for Korea’s innovation growth.

KISTI will leap into the future with a strong foundation for Korea and its people, opening the age of science and technology accumulation.

Thank you.

President, Choi Hee-yoonsign
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