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Surpassing the border between industry and
technology to lead the convergence of value in coexistence.

Each center of KISTI’s Division of Data Analysis is working ever so diligently to breath new life into the industry-academy-institute collaborative system and
accommodate an environment optimized for R&D technology commercialization through a data analysis system built on ting-edge science and
technology such as artificial intelligence and supercomputing. Through intelligent integrated analysis platforms such as R&D “scientification” research,
regionally specialized big data centers and M&S software development, the Division of Data Analysis at KISTI actively supports commercialization of
technologies that will create co-living values which will yield mobility to Korea’s growth.

  • Center for Global R&D Data Analysis

    Conduct status update for analysis resources and analyze data solubility / Plan and design integrated management system for systematic service of connecting analysis resources / Plan connecting analysis platform service

  • Future Technology Analysis Center

    Research science and technology competitive environmenet and opportunity analysis / Reserach index analysis for science and technology level and dynamic behavior assessment / Build open data convergence analysis system

  • Center for Technology Commercialization Research

    Plan data-based market-centered technology commercialization support methodology and research new models / Accelerate market-centered technology commercialization support / Research intellectualization of data-based industry and market analysis models

  • Center for R&D Investment and Strategy Research

    Build investment platform per innovation growth area / Expand idea commercialization support and strengthen connecting support system / Accelerate portal system of online mentoring and idea commercialization platform

  • Five regional branches nationwide

    Branches of Busan, Daegu-Gyeongbuk, Honam, Chungcheng, Seoul-Metropolitan

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