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Div. of National Supercomputing

Promoting Korea’s future competitiveness through the supercomputing technology that supports the nation’s growth and
the convergence and collaboration spirit for the greatest value

Exceeding the limit of technology,
securing confident competitiveness for tomorrow.

Each center of the Division of National Supercomputing is pursuing continuous innovation to create a supercomputing ecosystem that is equipped with
future competitiveness. The division is planning on operating an infrastructure service customized for world-class technology data hub and massive user
demands, leading the way in creating realistic value for tomorrow through convergence and collaboration such as establishing a disaster response system
based on AI and supercomputing and developing an automatic cyber threat analysis processing system.

  • Supercomputing Service Center

    Build and operate supercomputing infrastructure / Accelerate supercomputer infrastructure service / Provide supercomputer user support and public relations

  • Advanced KREONet Center

    Accelerate national science and technology research network backbone and access network for data-centered collaborative research / Build end-to-end big data transmission network to improve actual performance for big group study users / Realize core technology for ting-edge research target networking / Provide collaborative environment through service and unified verification service

  • Global Science Experimental Data Hub Center

    Achieve world-class WLCG top-ranked data center service quality / Integrated platform service utilizing data sharing and analysis in Korea’s large research facility equipment industry / Uncover data-intensive research-based community demands and support research community

  • Science and Technology Cyber Security Center

    Integrate and accelerate cyber threat response systems in science and technology field / Research and apply large threat data automatic analysis and response technology based on artificial intelligence / Research and apply abnormal behavior detection, analysis and response technology based on large network

  • Center for Applied Scientific Computing

    Secure big numeric data utilization technology for Supercomputer No.5 / Apply supercomputing utilization technology to solving big problems to achieve excellent research results in computational science and engineering / Solve super big science and engineering problems through big computing technology and group studies

  • Center for Computational Science Platform

    Develop web-based intelligent data analysis technology for computational science and engineering platform / Develop and utilize visualization technology for computational science and engineering platform / Develop antigenicity search environment based on computational science and engineering platform technology

  • Center for Development of Supercomputing System

    R&D high-performing server design technologies and firmware (BIOS and BMC) / Develop PCIe-based system bus expansion technology / Improve massively-parallel high-density computing system and research software technology for optimization

  • HPC Cloud Center

    Develop internal heterogeneous connecting and integrated HPC cloud service management system and build prototype service / Design cloud customized for each research field and launch pilot service: astronomy, cosmology, machine design / Research technologies ti improve supercomputing-based cloud performance including KNL, X86 and accelerator

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