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한국과학기술정보연구원장 김재수 Dr.Kim Jaesoo, President
S&T Infra. Changing the World with DataKISTI, promoting digital transformation, is advancing towards tomorrow.


Digital transformation has become a mission in all fields of socioeconomics. With the advent of the 4th industrial revolution, science and technology innovation continues, and as the digital new deal and untact culture spread, our society is facing the era of digital transformation.

KISTI, a leading research institute in science and technology information, leads open science based on science and technology infrastructure, and leads digital-based R&D innovation and new growth engines with world-class supercomputing and data analysis technology.

In addition, by reinforcing these core competencies, we are faithful to the missions and roles given by the nation, while taking the lead in resolving national and social issues and innovating Korea's R&D. In addition, by declaring “TRUST KISTI”, we are moving toward a new tomorrow.

KISTI will respond to global pending issues and the needs of customers and citizens in a timely manner(Timely), establish itself as a reliable institution(Reliable), and builds an organized support system for S&T information, data, supercomputing, and data analysis (Unified) and will support S&T innovation(S&T innovation) along with transparent digital management(Transparent).

KISTI will create a better future with science and technology infrastructure and data.

Thank you.

Dr.Kim Jaesoo, President김재수
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