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Dr.Choi Hee-yoon, appointed 7th President of KISTI

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Dr.Choi Hee-yoon was appointed 7th President of KISTI by National Council of Science and Technology on Jan. 24th.

She has her PhD. on Informatics by YonSei University and developved her career as the director of Infomation Service Center and Knowledge Service Center in KISTI for the last 30 years.

At the inaugural address, she suggested KISTI staff to discover their own strength and to advance

the day of science strong Korea based on knowledge infrastructre. To do so, she said she will set  her priority on the following R&D areas;

-to lay the foundation for joint application of research data, key resources of open science ear

-to strengthen information analysis service on national agenda issues

-to expand supercomputing support for 4th industrial revolution

Dr.Coi has concluded her address by saying " let's open the new era for Sciene Strong Korea together"

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