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Director of HLRS visited KISTI

박한철 2018-03-27 View. 24,116

Dr.Michael Resch, Director of HLRS(High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart) has visited KISTI on March 27th. His visit aimed to discuss mutual collaboration on COVISE between HLRS and KISTI.

COVISE stands for COllaborative VIsualization and Simulation Environment. It is an extendable distributed software environment to integrate simulations, postprocessing and visualization functionalities in a seamless manner.

KISTI and HLRS are working together to develop parallel renderer for HEMOS-Fluid post  processing which allows to develop large scale post processing for large data displays and desktop. Dr.Choi Heeyoon, Preisden of  KISTI and Dr.Michael Resch have agreed to strengthen mutual collaboration in developing S/W and supporting SMEs by utilizing resources of both sides.  

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