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KISTI has participated in the opening ceremony of SINCYT in Costa Rica

박한철 2018-08-23 View. 17,523

Dr.Choi Hee-yoon and KISTI researchers have participated in the opening ceremony of “SINCYT” service system, integrated information management system on national R&D information which was developed by KISTI and transferred to Costa Rica based on bilateral agreement between Korea and Costa Rica on Oct. 2016.

The “SINCYT” has its significance for KISTI because it is the first case of global technology transfer of NTIS and was recognized highly for its efficiency and outstanding performance for managing national R&D information.

KISTI has concluded LOC(Letter of Commitment) with MICITT of Costa Rica on Dec. 2017 and ed developing SINCYT in cooperation with Soft ITech in Korea and ICE(Instituto Costarricense de Elecricidad) in Costa Rica. In its prototype stage, SINCYT has developed information on R&D projects and researchers those who are participated in national R&D project.

Dr.Choi Hee-yoon said in her welcome speech that this case will set a good precedent to many countries who’d like to benchmark NTIS system and KISTI will not save any efforts in promoting its global cooperation for sharing NTIS and S&T infrastructure of KISTI.  Mr.Carlos Alvarado, President of Costa Rica, also mentioned he will strongly support this system to be applied into more various areas of national R&D information.  

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