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STAR-Value(Web-based technology valuation system) is transferred to China

박한철 2019-07-10 View. 32,867

KISTI has concluded technology transfer agreement with China Chendu Longneng Technology Co. at its head office on July 8th..

This agreement aims to provide customized technology evaluation system(STAR-Value System) and development of platform.

KISTI STAR-Value System is a Web-based technology valuation system that provides major knowledge information of estimated ground

for different stages in the process of technology evaluation and is Data Science-based analysis technollgy supporting credible technology evaluation system on the web. 

By utilizing STAR-Value System, China Chendu Longneng Technology will develop technology evaluation system for Chinese market and will support technology commercialization

and finance for companies in China. Chendu Longneng Technology is a leading company in technology evaluation and has a plan to facilitate technology commercialization and

 finance support of public high-tech companies in China. So, it is highly expected to promote utilization of STAR-Value System in global market.

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