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Research Data Cooperation with ARDC in Australia

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KISTI and ARDC, Australian Research Data Commons, have concluded MoU for cooperation in constructing the system of the national research data on 16th July in Sydney, Australia.

The two organizations have agreed to cooperate on data exchange, mutual application of their infrastructure, exchange of experience on cloud service for research data, and professionals, and joint researches on the basis of this MoU.

KISTI has been establishing and expanding its global collaboration around the world, such as Australia, Japan, and the United States as well as European nations; and it is planning to make efforts to establish the platform for the national research data, which helps to conduct the world top level data-intensive researches through global cooperation with scientifically advanced countries.

ARDC has been operating and managing Australian infrastructure and services of research data over 10 years, and leading eResearch in Australia. Furthermore, it is endeavoring to build the world-class research infrastructure of Australian government.

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