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Cooperation with Computer Network Information Center of China

박한철 2019-08-21 View. 30,451

KISTI signed MoU with CNIC(Computer Network Information Center) of China on 20th at its head office in Daejeon City to build mutual cooperation in science and technology.

KISTI and CNIC are both leading national research organizations in each country, conducting research on national S&T big data, supercomputing, research network, S&T cloud infrastructure.

This MoU is concluded as CNIC has delivered its intention to visit KISTI and to discuss research cooperation. By concluding the MoU, KISTI and CNIC have agreed to cooperate on S&T infrastructure and to conduct research on developing leading technologies including exchanges of researchers and scientists. 

Dr.Choi Heeyoon, President of KISTI has said that it is expected to conduct joint research on S&T big data, supercomputing and high-performance research network. Dr.Liao Fangyu, Director General of CNIC also mentioned that this MoU will generate synergy effect on S&T development for both countries.

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