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Korea Supercomputitng and KREONET 2019

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“Korea Supercomputing Conference(KSC) and KREONET 2019” is held at the K-Hotel on Sep.5-6 with the title of “Supercomputing Everywhere Connected”. With the 11th year of the year, the KSC is the largest academic and technical conference for supercomputing area and is jointly organized with KREONET(Korea REsearch Open NETwork) this year.   

Outstanding research reports and up-to-dated technical trends on supercomputing and high-performance research network are presented and many scientists and researchers from abroad shared their experience and research outputs.

On its 1st day, some of distinguished scientists from home and abroad presented keynote speech on several topics such as supercomputing and utilization, conversion of data and supercomputing, big-data analysis, high-performance research network. 

Among the speakers. Dr.Yoshio Oyanagi, professor of Kobe University has presented his research on the development of supercomputer in Japan and its utilization for social issues with the title of “From Numerical Wind Tunnel Computer to Fugaku Supercomputer”.

Dr.Katherine Yelick, a professor at the university of California, Berkeley has presented how data scientists cope with explosive data increase in biology, material science, aerospace and introduced technical factors necessary for data science.

On 2nd day, with the title of “Coevolution of Big data and Natural Science” Dr.Lee Jaehyun delivered invited speech on machine learning and deep learning as a good way of extracting interpretable result from big data with its utilization in physics and astronomy.

Dr.Thomas Schulteis of ETH, Zurich with the title of “Supercomputing and Service Architecture” has introduced best practice of SCCS(Centro Svizzero di Calcolo Scientifico) for improving user service by using cloud and web environment.

Finally, Dr.Choi heeyoon, President of KISTI, has emphasized that supercomputer is essential for data-driven ecosystem and innovation for science and technology and will strongly support to make the firm foundation for collaborative environment between supercomputer and research network to cope with social issues.


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