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KISTI and GIST jointly organizes workshop for AI & Computing Infrastructure

Youngju Son 2019-10-25 View. 30,327

KISTI and GIST jointly organizes workshop for AI & Computing Infrastructure

The division of the national supercomputing of KISTI and the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of GIST, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, has jointly organized workshop for building and operating of infrastructure for high performance AI computing, which is appropriate and preferred for the domestic environment of Korea, October 25th, 2019.

Fourteen computing researchers and experts from the two organizations have discussed the orientation of building and operating preferred AI computing infrastructure; the platform for operating and utilizing AI computing infrastructure efficiently; AI computing chips for the next generation; and HW and SW for AI computing.

High performance computers are advised to be operated optimally by inputting high quality and enormous data into the computers in order to flexibly support AI involved in almost all the area of human beings. According to openAI data, the necessary learning time of leading researches of AI technology, which is the amount of calculation, almost doubles every 3 and a half months.

This phenomenon has driven the international research communities to have bigger AI computing engines and data repositories competitively. Therefore, the nationwide AI computing infrastructures have been built in the AI-specialized or HPC/AI -combined manner, worldwidely such as in Japan, Taiwan, USA, Europe, and China.

In Korea, the project to build an AI cloud data center as part of the Gwangju AI industry complex has been in preparation for supporting GPU-based high performance computing which is specialized in Korea's domestic AI environment in addition to support of the KISTI's supercomputer NURION and GPU-based system, Neuron.

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