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KISTI-NCSA concludes MoA for cooperation

Youngju Son 2019-11-20 View. 39,669

KISTI-NCSA concludes MoA for cooperation

- Cooperation for technology development of the supercomputing, data, and the digital library -

KISTI has agreed on expanding cooperation not only on supercomputing technology but also on development of data and digital library with NCSA, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, which is the world-wide supercomputing center of the Unites States. NCSA is famous for its development of graphic-based web browser Mosaic, and now has been running supercomputer Blue Waters.

KISTI has concluded Memorandum of Agreement, MoA, with NCSA for technology development of supercomputing and establishment of a joint research laboratory, in Denver, Colorado, where the Supercomputing Conference 2020 was being held, on November 19th.

To be specific, the two organizations collaborate with establishment of a joint laboratory for applications of computational science; research and education environment based on cyber-infrastructure; technology development of supercomputing; research of scientific visualization and AI; and research and development of data and digital library.

In addition, KISTI and NCSA push ahead with cooperative research on development of supercomputing user environment technology; building of simulation environment for advanced education and computational science; development of data infrastructure system based on community; and research and development of data and digital library.

It is hoped that NCSA would share its experience with KISTI from diverse research and development; cooperation with industries, universities, and research institutes; and supercomputing Blue Waters building and cooperation.

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