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KISTI develops a new model for evaluation of the national technology level based on percentile distribution

Youngju Son 2019-11-19 View. 35,396

KISTI develops a new model for evaluation of the national technology level based on percentile distribution

- Overcoming of the limitations of the existing indicator that average citation value is centered in evaluation of level -

"The Macroscopic Change of the Global Science & Technology Research Level through Academic Dissertation Data"

KISTI Data Insight Issue 7

It seems that understanding a nation's exact level of science and technology in the process of setting plans and goals of the national science and technology cannot be overemphasized enough. For past decades, various countries of the world has done a variety of work to evaluate one nation's science and technology level based on citation counts by using dissertation data.

In spite of it, there have been a lot of controversies and problem raising in the existing evaluation way of their level since that way has not considered enough the difference among academic fields, the size variance among nations, and the entire global level distribution, which are necessary to evaluate superiority of the nations' level.

In order to make this situation better, the future technology analysis center of KISTI developed a percentile-based mechanic that makes it possible to understand the types and changes of the entire level distribution, and has announced a new result of level analysis.

KISTI selected 8 fields among the OECD science classification and analyzed the percentile distribution of influence over the citation of dissertations of 6 countries such as Korea, U.S., U.K., Germany, Japan, and China. In consequence, the level distribution of the dissertations of each country has a wide variety of types, and has been changing continuously by period.

This research result appears in the issue 7 of KISTI Data Insight( The KISTI Data Insight is the big-data-based analysis channel of science & technology industries. It is written in Korean language.

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