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National R&D of COVID 19 at a Glance

Youngju Son 2020-03-05 View. 29,700

National R&D of COVID-19 at a Glance

- NTIS arranges curation services of national catastrophes -

KISTI operates curation service of the national R&D information of national catastrophes such as COVID-19 on NTIS for counteracting the disasters at ordinary times until termination of the situations.

'The R&D through the social issues' is part of the sophisticated curation service that has been proseed based on NTIS 5.0 general plan from last year.

NTIS 5.0 expeditiously provides users with necessary information based on both the users' information such as research performance, workplace type, and major of them, and their search history by introducing AI and data-processing technology.

In addition, the service pivots around Chat-bot service based on natural languages, the national science and technology standard classification based on deep learning, and so forth.

The national R&D information is provided on the special issue section located on the center of NTIS web page. The information includes projects, researchers, patents, and papers related to virus infection disease about Corona virus itself, prevention of infectious disease, virus diagnosis, vaccine, telemedicine, epidemiological survey, AI doctor, smart health, and so on.

NTIS is planning to provide the national R&D information that already had been or now has been being proceeded swiftly and systematically for the users by opening the special issue section on NTIS web page when an national issue occurs.

This service is also provided on ScienceON, the integrated platform for all of the services KISTI has been operating.

* This service is only offered on Korean language page of NTIS.

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