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KISTI selected for the Root Industry supporting work using digital engineering technology

Youngju Son 2020-05-06 View. 34,262

KISTI selected for the Root Industry supporting work using digital engineering technology

- Investing 9 Billion Won for 3 Years from 2021 -

KISTI is selected as the supervising organization for the advancement of innovation of the Root Industry in Daejeon Metropolitan City based on digital engineering, which is one of the supporting works for the regional base organizations of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of the South Korean Government.

In Korea the Root Industry refers to a type of business utilizing the process technologies such as casting, mold, plastic processing, welding, surface treatment, and heat treatment.

KISTI with Daejeon City plans to support building equipment of digital engineering and performance analysis; simulation technology of process and components; demand and supply-connected platform; and fostering labor force of engineering, through 9 billion won(approximately 7.3 million US dollars) including 6 billion of the government expenditure for 3 years from 2021.

The Supercomputing Modeling & Simulation Center of KISTI, supervising the work, is the only one M&S-based business-supporting center of the government-funded research institutes. It has been providing innovative performance advancement of process and components of about 600 domestic manufacturing businesses since 2007. Based on the professionality from the experience, it will help innovative advancement of the Root enterprises in Daejeon by utilizing digital engineering technology with Daejeon Techno Park and Hanbat National University, which are also participating organizations of the work.

KISTI plans to raise the rate of application of digital engineering up to 20%, which is just 4% at present, and improve productivity by 30% by supporting 105 Root businesses in Daejeon.

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