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KISTI introduced “Future Promising Technology Seminar 2020” in its Issue Brief No. 29

Youngju Son 2021-01-26 View. 49,252

KISTI introduced “Future Promising Technology Seminar 2020” in its Issue Brief No. 29, which discovered and presented the core promising technologies that will influence the future society of science and technology after the Corona 19 pandemic.


KISTI selected the top 100 future high-growth science and technology areas (clusters) using the optimal deep learning prediction model. About 20 million scientific and technological papers published around the world over the past 14 years were analyzed and issue key words for each top 100 science and technology areas were identified after 7 years. 7 issues were derived according to the distribution of concurrent occurrences of each issue keyword.


It also introduced 10 technology commercialization opportunities that should be noted. 1. Contact tracking system 2. Augmented Reality(AR), 3. Digital health 4. Service robot 5. Biosecurity 6. Unmanned vehicle 7. On-site diagnosis device 8. Electronic conference system 9. Cloud data storage device 10. Digital education Platform, etc.


The government's R&D investment fields and strategies in the post-corona era were also presented. As promising investment technologies in the digital new deal field, future eco-friendly vehicles, autonomous vehicles, high-performance unmanned vehicles, artificial intelligence (AI), system semiconductors, precision medicine, smart farms, intelligent robots, and smart cities were selected. For the green new deal are fine dust, smart grid, solar power, fuel cells, wind power, and biomass.


Dr. Kum Won Cho, Acting President of KISTI, said "I look forward to the efficient use of future promising technologies that will become catalysts for technological innovation and new business creation after the Corona 19 pandemic."


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