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KISTI with SNUBH(Seoul National University Bundang Hospital), is speeding up its development of Homomorphic Encryption Technology for Health Care Big Data.

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After concluding MoU last year, KISTI and SNUBH are conducting joint research to establish a system for the practical use of bilateral cryptographic communication and homomorphic cryptography technology.

Until now, KISTI has provided quantum cryptographic communication channels and supercomputing infrastructure using the national science and technology research network, and SNUBH has been striving to develop homomorphic cryptographic technology for remote operation based on medical big data.

With the joint research on track, KISTI plans to provide a safer big data research environment by constructing a quantum cryptographic communication section for remote transmission and processing of sensitive data based on the National Science and Technology Research Network.

SNUBH has already completed the selection of medical research scenarios and functional tests of the isomorphic cryptography library to establish a system for commercialization of homomorphic encryption technology. 

Dr.Oh Chang-wan, Director of the Life Research Institute of SNUBH said that the commercialization of homomorphic encryption technology will provide an opportunity for medical artificial intelligence technological innovation. 

Dr. Wonhyuk Lee of Science and Technology Research Network Center of KISTI said that KISTI's high-speed computing technology and infrastructure such as network capabilities will be used to solve the problem of noise processing amplified in the homomorphic encryption process.

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