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KISTI, Developing Fluid Dynamic Simulation SW for SMEs

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KISTI has developed an open source based tool that can be used for fluid dynamics simulation. It is expected to be of great help to SMEs that cannot purchase expensive related software.

KISTI M&S Center announced on Mar.1st that it developed “HEMOS Fluid” for this purpose and received GS(Good Software) certificate. HEMOS is an open source based solver(structural analysis software) and a library (a post-processing tool used for structural analysis). It is a entry level CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) software. HEMOS Fluid visualizes simulation and prediction performance results by entering multiple variables. KISTI researchers made it intuitive and easy compared to existing fluid mechanics software. The workflow method is applied to the user interface (UI) so that domestic SMEs can use it a lot, displaying the current work stage and all stages, and diagramming them.

HEMOS Fluid can analyze basic steady-state heat flow. Currently, the focus is on versatility and plans to expand its functions every year. It is also a feature that has already received GS certificate. GS certificate is a national certification given to software that has passed the quality test based on ISO international standards. GS ensures objective quality, safety and reliability.

This service is being served free of charge on HEMOS Cloud operated by KISTI. HEMOS Cloud is also linked with KISTI supercomputer Nurion. When complex analysis is required, Cloud and Nurion can be used at the same time.

In addition to HEMOS Fluid, KISTI also operate HEMOS Structure for structural mechanics, and Hemos HVAC for indoor aerodynamics. In the case of HVAC, visualization tools using virtual reality and augmented reality are also prepared. They have received GS certificate too.

“We plan to add functions such as movable material analysis and rotor analysis to HEMOS Fluid,” and “ It is expected to attract more use of SMEs experiencing SW purchasing problems.”  said Kim Myung-il, Director of M&S Center. 

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