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Dr.Kim Jaesoo inaugurated as the 8th president of KISTI

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Dr. Kim Jaesoo inaugurated as the 8th president of KISTI .

He expressed his aspiration at the inauguration ceremony held at the KISTI auditorium on Mar.23rd.


He presented TRUST(Timely, Reliable, S&T innovation, Transparent) as his 5 managing strategies and mentioned 

KISTI will focus on establishing a digital-based national open science system supporting national R&D innovation.

He also said that “even though the transition to data-driven research called 4th generation R&D ed for several years, 

it was difficult for researchers to get out of the existing R&D framework due to the slow progress of data open and fusion., 

we  will solve it ”.  “to this end, KISTI will integrate and open its S&T information, national R&D and research data 

and will build S&T Data Dam for AI learning so that domestic science and technology R&D can be transformed into a data-oriented system” he emphasized. 

Dr.Kim Jaesoo obtained a Ph.D. in Electronic Computer Engineering from Hongik University in 2009 and 

served as the Director of National Science and Technology Data Division, the Director of Convergence Technology Research Division.

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