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Cooperation with DISTEP for Regional Innovation

박한철 2021-04-27 View. 65,069

KISTI signed a MoU with Daejeon Institute of Science & Technology for Enterprise & People(DISTEP) 

to build a regional innovation ecosystem on April 26th.


This MoU is one of the efforts to play a central role in regional innovation by linking and spreading the tangible 

and intangible outcomes of GRIs(government research institutes) industries in the Daejeon area. 

Under this MoU, KISTI leads regional innovation by providing the nation's largest science and technology information 

and world-class infrastructure, and conducts multilateral exchanges and cooperation in solving regional problems.

 DISTEP is to play a role as a hub for regional demand and regional innovation.


Mutual cooperation will include 

Research and exchange for sharing and utilization of national R&D information and science and technology knowledge infrastructure

Collaboration of research data management system based on the National Research Data Platform (DataON)

Supercomputing and data infrastructure joint use to support SMEs 

Analytical models for technology commercialization such as ups, support for systems, and mutual exchange

Joint cooperation on competency diagnosis and market competitiveness analysis for SMEs' innovative growth 

Human resource cooperation and exchange for mutual cooperation between the two organizations.


In particular, as the importance and value of regional innovation increases, the two organizations expect that 

the Daejeon city will promote various convergence and cooperation with the local science and technology innovation

 institutions to create food and jobs for future.


Kim Jae-soo, President of KISTI, said, “Through cooperation with the DISTEP and KISTI's infrastructure and S&T capabilities,

 we will contribute to creating a region-led innovation ecosystem” and said “Now, for GRIs, innovation through national R&D is important, but it is more important to utilize its capabilities for regional innovation.”

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