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KISTI celebrated its 20th anniversary on May 19th.

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KISTI has celebrated its 20th anniversary on May 19th and declared to strengthen its role in supporting the nation, society,

 and companies through digital innovation that combines data and artificial intelligence in the overall research project.

 President Kim Jae-soo said, "Through KISTI's leading digital transformation, we will transform from an existing science and technology information organization to the highest authority for national science and technology data." "We will do our best to realize this through an agile strategy that quickly finds the best way and the science and technology infrastructure that we have accumulated over the past 59 years," he said.


To this end, we present Agile, Digital Transformation (DX), and ESG as implementation strategy for the core value, “TRUST KISTI, Trust and Innovation” under the vision of 'KISTI changing the world with science and technology infrastructure and data'.


In addition, through the DNA (Data, Network, AI) ecosystem built on the basis of KISTI's institutional R&R (Role and Responsibility), KISTI will utilize its own science and technology data, supercomputing, and intelligent information analysis infrastructure to solve national and social issues such as the Digital New Deal.


And, KISTI will contribute to solving national and social issues through institutional research projects such as

Activation of the open science ecosystem through digital transformation over the entire cycle of national R&D

Leading the national ultra-high performance computing ecosystem by securing future-ready high performance computing technology

Establishing Intelligent analysis system for promoting national science and technology innovation ecosystem

Digital transformation based on Data and AI.


President Kim Jae-soo said, “The management strategy presented this time includes a willingness to turn a crisis of social changes such as transition to a non-face-to-face (untact) society full-fledged arrival of the data era transition to artificial intelligence in all industries, which has become a necessary rather than an option, into an opportunity for challenge.



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