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Joint training program with National Fire Agency

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KISTI and National Fire Agency have conducted training program for firefighting big data analysis from July 5th to 9th. The two organizations signed an MOU in 2020 for the purpose of utilizing and spreading scientific technology and academic infrastructure and nurturing experts in big data related to NFA. Based on this, KISTI has conducted training program on big data analysis using artificial intelligence (AI) for information staff of NFA.

Through this training program, KISTI and NFA hope to nurture experts in big data analysis customized for firefighting by linking KISTI's internal capabilities such as big data analysis, HPC, and AI utilization with NFA’s approximately 17.1 billion big data on firefighting to achieve big data-based national disaster problem solving and safety service innovation.


The first training program for 2021 consists of topics such as understanding supercomputer and future technologies, and using in firefighting fields using big data to predict disaster damage in urban areas firefighting big data analysis and visualization. It is planned to be operated with a focus on strengthening the capacity to analyze and utilize big data so that it can be applied in practical applications.


KISTI and NFA will open more specialized training program for nurturing big data analysts for the purpose of realizing the digital new deal policy, and conduct joint research in analyzing data owned by NFA using KISTI supercomputing infrastructure to develop disaster prediction model.


Dr. Ahn Boo-young, director of KISTI Science Data School, said, “Starting with this program, we will cultivate customized big data analysis experts based on big data owned by public institutions.” and “we will do our best to strengthen public safety through continuous collaboration with public organizations and advancement of data literacy” 

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