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KISTI signed a MoU for a successful hosting of IDW 2022

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KISTI signed a MoU for a successful hosting of IDW 2022
- Cooperation to hold the world's largest conference for opening and utilizing research data -

 KISTI held a MoU signing ceremony at the KISTI Daejeon Headquarters on March 28th, with research data-related international/domestic organizations to successfully host the world's largest conference, International Data Week 2022 (IDW 2022).

 IDW 2022 is a joint holding event to share research data with CODATA*, RDA**, and WDS***.
  * Committee on Data(CODATA) which is established by International Science Council(ISC)
  ** Research Data Alliance(RDA)
  *** World Data System(WDS) which is an affiliated organization of ISC
 IDW 2022 was scheduled to be co-hosted in South Korea on Nov. 2021, but it was postponed due to global pandemic situations and will be held in Dragon City, Seoul, South Korea for seven days from June 18th, 2022.

 In IDW 2022, people will discuss the data innovation ecosystem that promotes social contribution with new scientific discoveries in accordance with the recent data research paradigm, "Open Data and Utilization", also CODATA and WDS will jointly organize the research data conference "SciDataCon 2022" that for about 1,000 research data experts will be participate from 66 countries.

 The signing ceremony is aimed at promoting cooperation for the successful hosting of IDW 2022, sharing/utilizing research data, and creating and revitalizing an ICT-based national research data ecosystem.

 From ISC, CODATA executive director Simon Hodson, WDS executive director Meredith Goins, and RDA secretary general Hillary Hanahoe attended online.
  Also KISTI president Kim Jae-soo, Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources(KIGAM) president Lee Pyeong-koo, Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine(KIOM) president Lee Jin-yong, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science(KRISS) president Park Hyun-min, National Library of Korea's chief executive Suh Hye-ran, and SungKyunKwan University(SKKU) president Shin Dong-ryeol attended offline at KISTI.

 Kim Jae-soo, president of KISTI said, "IDW 2022 will promote international open research data cooperation to raise awareness of research data sharing and utilization, and from that Korea's research data capabilities will rise to a world-class. We would like to ask for a lot of interest and participation from foreign and domestic research data experts.

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