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Div. of National S&T Data

By providing a pioneering direction for utilizing science and technology information,
KISTI invigorates the data ecosystem that is seeking plausible solutions to major social issues.

Vigor in the data ecosystem, A platform to create efficient value.

KISTI’s intrinsic duty pursues high data solubility in that the science and technology knowledge resources can be converged and diffused in a wide range to
create actual solutions to the current issues of our society. In order to invigorate the data ecosystem, which plays a central role, KISTI is g on
preemptively selecting high-quality contents, establishing an integrative portal that supports throughout the entire life-cycle and developing an information
convergence infrastructure such as the national research data institutionalization management system and NTIS-based open knowledge hub.

  • Digital Content Curation Center

    Research based on science and technology contents curation system / Build science and technology contents / Build national R&D thesis archiving foundation / Operate and accelerate Korea DOI Center

  • Open Access Center

    Establish Open Access cooperative system and researching policies / Innovate and spread life-cycle academic publishing system / Develop and operate national open repository

  • Research Data Hub Center

    According to the government's "National Research Data Sharing and Utilization Strategy", major policies and research data standard guidelines for collecting, managing, and utilizing research data are developed and distributed, and data-based research implementation environment (DataON) is developed and operated

  • Research Data Platform Center

    Develop open source-based research data integrated platform prototype for research data integration and management / Secure integration service for research data in / outside Korea and repository (Open AIRE/EuroCRIS, etc.) connecting foundation / Develop interface for integrated search for research data and utilization service

  • Convergence Service Center

    Design integration system for science and technology knowledge infrastructure / Design knowledge infrastructure-based individual platform / Design intelligent curation service and operate science and technology knowledge service

  • NTIS Center

    Build connecting system between NTIS and science and technology knowledge service / Improve and activate operation of research result registration portal for unifying research result collection systems / Preemptive planning research to apply blockchain technology to R&D information collection, management and utilization

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