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KISTI's EDISON Platform receives 2019 ASOCIO ICT Award

Youngju Son 2019-11-13 View. 32,342

KISTI's EDISON Platform receives 2019 ASOCIO ICT Award

- Fostering students to be great at combining 'Simulation, Data, & AI' -

EDISON, a platform that KISTI has developed and been in service, received the Digital Government Award of 2019 ASOCIO Awards in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on November 12th, 2019.

ASOCIO make prizes every year for the member nations' corporations and organizations that have contributed to innovation and development of ICT of their own countries. KISTI received Digital Government Award because it achieves recognition on contribution to natural science and engineering education and S&T innovation through development and service of EDISON.

EDISON, which stands for Education-research Integration through Simulation on the Open platform and the Net, had been developed and in service since 2011 with support of the Ministry of Science and ICT of Korea. The platform includes simulation SW and educational contents in it on seven specialties such as nano physics, computational chemistry, computational thermal fluid dynamics, and so on, so it provides students with services that can be utilized in education and R&D anywhere and anytime at no cost.

ASOCIO, Asia-Oceania Computing Industry Organization, is an international organization that constitutes the federation of information industries of the member states, which includes 24 regular member states in Asia-Oceania and 7 invited nations such as USA and UK. It is established in order to foster each member state's ICT industries and outstanding ICT specialists.

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