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KISTI transfers fundamental technology of AI security control

Youngju Son 2019-11-06 View. 30,873

KISTI transfers fundamental technology of AI security control

KISTI has concluded an agreement with WISEnut, an AI enterprise, on technology transfer of AI automation platform and AI security control model.

AI automation platform has been developed in order to process all the stages without a break according to users' needs from collecting and processing of enormous source data to developing and building of AI model. This platform is versatile and expandable so it is capable of being applied in all the areas where data exist.

In addition, in the case of extraction of AI's input data, which determines performance of AI model, the AI automation platform has superior competence on the field like cyber-attack where data that have atypical structures and dynamic behaviors should be learned as it can infinitely define and extract correlation features that is possible to represent space and time information, which is different from the existing methods which use basic features of data .

This technology transfer also includes AI model for security control which KISTI developed by itself. As this model has learned the actual security log that the S&T cyber security center has had, it can automatically classify actual cyber-attack and normal behavior with more than 99.9% accuracy.

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