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Limitless Research with Cloud Service of HPC

Youngju Son 2020-03-12 View. 27,966

Limitless Research with Cloud Service of HPC

- Opening of KI Cloud -

KI Cloud, the KISTI Intelligent Cloud service, has opened on March 12th. The service makes AI and/or big data analysis researchers as well as traditional computational scientists capable of utilizing KISTI's supercomputer NURION in the clouding environment in response to both rapidly changing research environments and researchers' demanding.

On the contrary to the traditional interface, KI Cloud uses interactive cloud service, which helps researchers easily construct the computing environment that they want. The existing users that hope to utilize NURION had to submit in advance the coded program in the text terminal environment, which is called one-way processing, so they had to wait their task turns after they submitted the program.

On the other hand, the newly opened KI Cloud service makes users perform their works, visually confirming the result of the programming simultaneously, by making and using their own virtual server or by using programming tools of KI Cloud through the Web user interface.

Henceforward, KISTI plans to connect the NEURON system, which is NURION's GPU servers, to KI Cloud at the end of March. Therefore, users will be able to access not only the already opened CPU-centered KI Clould service but also GPU-based clouding system.

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