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    KISTI's EDISON Platform receives 2019 ASOCIO ICT Award image
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    KISTI's EDISON Platform receives 2019 ASOCIO ICT Award

    KISTI's EDISON Platform receives 2019 ASOCIO ICT Award - Fostering students to be great at combining 'Simulation, Data, & AI' - EDISON, a platform that KISTI has developed and been in service, received the Digital Government Award of 2019 ASOCIO Awards in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on November 12th, 2019. ASOCIO make prizes every year for the member nations' corporations and organizations that have contributed to innovation and development of ICT of their own countries. KISTI received Digital Government Award because it achieves recognition on contribution to natural science and engineering education and S&T innovation through development and service of EDISON. EDISON, which stands for Education-research Integration through Simulation on the Open platform and the Net, had been developed and in service since 2011 with support of the Ministry of Science and ICT of Korea. The platform includes simulation SW and educational contents in it on seven specialties such as nano physics, computational chemistry, computational thermal fluid dynamics, and so on, so it provides students with services that can be utilized in education and R&D anywhere and anytime at no cost. ASOCIO, Asia-Oceania Computing Industry Organization, is an international organization that constitutes the federation of information industries of the member states, which includes 24 regular member states in Asia-Oceania and 7 invited nations such as USA and UK. It is established in order to foster each member state's ICT industries and outstanding ICT specialists.
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    KISTI transfers fundamental technology of AI security control image
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    KISTI transfers fundamental technology of AI security control

    KISTI transfers fundamental technology of AI security control KISTI has concluded an agreement with WISEnut, an AI enterprise, on technology transfer of AI automation platform and AI security control model. AI automation platform has been developed in order to process all the stages without a break according to users' needs from collecting and processing of enormous source data to developing and building of AI model. This platform is versatile and expandable so it is capable of being applied in all the areas where data exist. In addition, in the case of extraction of AI's input data, which determines performance of AI model, the AI automation platform has superior competence on the field like cyber-attack where data that have atypical structures and dynamic behaviors should be learned as it can infinitely define and extract correlation features that is possible to represent space and time information, which is different from the existing methods which use basic features of data . This technology transfer also includes AI model for security control which KISTI developed by itself. As this model has learned the actual security log that the S&T cyber security center has had, it can automatically classify actual cyber-attack and normal behavior with more than 99.9% accuracy.
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    2019 ASTi Leaders Forum & 10th Anniversary of ASTi image
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    2019 ASTi Leaders Forum & 10th Anniversary of ASTi

    2019 ASTi Leaders Forum & 10th Anniversary of ASTi KISTI has hosted 2019 ASTi Leaders Forum in Daejeon, Korea, on October 29. ASTi, the Association of Science and Technology Information, is a nationwide consultative group of SMEs, and the association has marked its 10th anniversary this year. It is the biggest network linking industries, universities, and research institutes in Korea. It is hosted by KISTI annually in order to not only share activities and results of ASTi but also discuss strategies of development of SMEs from the network. ASTi was established in October 2009 to provide and share information for SMEs' successful engineering development and technology commercialization. For the last 10 years, KISTI has been supporting 1,710 enterprises and contributed to 2,781 new employment, 402 new technology developments, and 489 new product developments. KISTI has striven to strengthen the foundation such as R&D for regional pending issues and data-based service innovation for regional specialized industries. This forum includes presentations and panel discussion. Professor Chang-Kyung Kim of the division of materials science and engineering of Hanyang University has given a special lecture of SME's strategies to survive from the hegemony conflict between USA and China and the economic warfare between Korea and Japan. After that, Ho-shin Lee, the manager of the division of fusion and innovation of regions of KISTI has announced the policies and results of KISTI's support to SMEs and the future of ASTi. Finally, panel discussion has been held in the title of ASTi's development and KISTI's supporting policies.
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    KISTI and GIST jointly organizes workshop for AI & Computing Infrastructure image
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    KISTI and GIST jointly organizes workshop for AI & Computing Infrastructure

    KISTI and GIST jointly organizes workshop for AI & Computing Infrastructure The division of the national supercomputing of KISTI and the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of GIST, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, has jointly organized workshop for building and operating of infrastructure for high performance AI computing, which is appropriate and preferred for the domestic environment of Korea, October 25th, 2019. Fourteen computing researchers and experts from the two organizations have discussed the orientation of building and operating preferred AI computing infrastructure; the platform for operating and utilizing AI computing infrastructure efficiently; AI computing chips for the next generation; and HW and SW for AI computing. High performance computers are advised to be operated optimally by inputting high quality and enormous data into the computers in order to flexibly support AI involved in almost all the area of human beings. According to openAI data, the necessary learning time of leading researches of AI technology, which is the amount of calculation, almost doubles every 3 and a half months. This phenomenon has driven the international research communities to have bigger AI computing engines and data repositories competitively. Therefore, the nationwide AI computing infrastructures have been built in the AI-specialized or HPC/AI -combined manner, worldwidely such as in Japan, Taiwan, USA, Europe, and China. In Korea, the project to build an AI cloud data center as part of the Gwangju AI industry complex has been in preparation for supporting GPU-based high performance computing which is specialized in Korea's domestic AI environment in addition to support of the KISTI's supercomputer NURION and GPU-based system, Neuron.
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    Opening of Chuncheon Regional Network Center of KREONET image
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    Opening of Chuncheon Regional Network Center of KREONET

    Opening of Chuncheon Regional Network Center of KREONET - KISTI and Kangwon National University concluding MOU - KISTI and Kangwon National University(KNU) has concluded MOU for establishing KREONET regional network center and opened the center on October 8th for activating the national science and technology R&D in Gangwon region.   KREONET(Korea Research Environment Open Network) is one of the five nationwide Internet services of Korea, as research Internet service in 1988. It has been providing research network services with high performance and quality for more than 200 organizations such as government-funded research institutes, governmental and public organizations, universities, and academic societies and associations, and users of KISTI's supercomputers. KISTI has been operating 17 regional network centers in Korea in order to provide innovative convergent cyber research environments of the national R&D through KREONET.   KNU will provide high-tech research infrastructure of KREONET in Chuncheon area as a key research organization in the area as a result of the MOU. Also, KNU is expected to play a key role in pushing ahead with being an important core base of the national life science industry through creating additional value resulting from building a science complex in Chuncheon area and applying new technologies.   In addition, KISTI expects KNU, as a regional head university, to contribute to interacting actively with the local society and industry; uniting research resources ; and creating data ecosystem through sustainable cooperation with industry and university.
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    Cooperating with Changwon city for building industrial ecosystem for smart innovation, and solving urban problems. image
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    Cooperating with Changwon city for building industrial ecosystem for smart innov...

    KISTI concludes MoU with Changwon city for building industrial ecosystem for smart innovation, and solving urban problems. KISTI has concluded MOU with Changwon city for building industrial ecosystem for smart innovation, and solving urban problems at Changwon city hall on September 30th.   The MoU includes building and utilizing industrial data system for creating the city's innovative industrial ecosystem; cooperation for utilizing KISTI's supercomputing infrastructure and technologies of data, AI, and industrial innovation; building and utilizing the data-based problem-solving system for public safety of the citizens; and discovering cooperative business of the 4th industrial revolution, smart city, and smart ocean.   KISTI plans to support that the city could utilize the information that KISTI analyzes and predicts in real time whose source comes from the city's specialized regional information.   In addition, KISTI plans to assist Changwon city with KISTI's accumulated research capacity for the city's comprehensive and systematic future city realization of smart city, smart factory, building future distribution system, and smart harbor.
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    The 3rd Science & Technology Information Forum image
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    The 3rd Science & Technology Information Forum

    The 3rd Science & Technology Information Forum KISTI has held the 3rd Science & Technology Information Forum at Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel on September 26th. The topic of the forum is 'paradigm change of Korea's national science and technology R&D after Japan excluded Korea from the White List for export of its government.'   This forum aims to not only introducing an innovative investment platform of the national science & technology R&D in the way of improving the R&D system but also providing the investment pattern of the government through objective data analysis. This results from the Korean government's investment strategies and innovative countermeasures for material, component, and equipment R&D,. This is in order to get independent from the dominant position of Japan's technology, and also comes from Japanese government's export control of material, component, and equipment.
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    Korea Supercomputitng and KREONET 2019  image
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    Korea Supercomputitng and KREONET 2019

    “Korea Supercomputing Conference(KSC) and KREONET 2019” is held at the K-Hotel on Sep.5-6 with the title of “Supercomputing Everywhere Connected”. With the 11th year of the year, the KSC is the largest academic and technical conference for supercomputing area and is jointly organized with KREONET(Korea REsearch Open NETwork) this year.    Outstanding research reports and up-to-dated technical trends on supercomputing and high-performance research network are presented and many scientists and researchers from abroad shared their experience and research outputs. On its 1st day, some of distinguished scientists from home and abroad presented keynote speech on several topics such as supercomputing and utilization, conversion of data and supercomputing, big-data analysis, high-performance research network.  Among the speakers. Dr.Yoshio Oyanagi, professor of Kobe University has presented his research on the development of supercomputer in Japan and its utilization for social issues with the title of “From Numerical Wind Tunnel Computer to Fugaku Supercomputer”. Dr.Katherine Yelick, a professor at the university of California, Berkeley has presented how data scientists cope with explosive data increase in biology, material science, aerospace and introduced technical factors necessary for data science. On 2nd day, with the title of “Coevolution of Big data and Natural Science” Dr.Lee Jaehyun delivered invited speech on machine learning and deep learning as a good way of extracting interpretable result from big data with its utilization in physics and astronomy. Dr.Thomas Schulteis of ETH, Zurich with the title of “Supercomputing and Service Architecture” has introduced best practice of SCCS(Centro Svizzero di Calcolo Scientifico) for improving user service by using cloud and web environment. Finally, Dr.Choi heeyoon, President of KISTI, has emphasized that supercomputer is essential for data-driven ecosystem and innovation for science and technology and will strongly support to make the firm foundation for collaborative environment between supercomputer and research network to cope with social issues.  
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    KISTI R&D PIE received an award for "2019 Government Innovation Award by OECD image
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    KISTI R&D PIE received an award for "2019 Government Innovation Award by OECD

    KISTI announced on Aug.21 that R&D PIE(Platform for Investment Evaluation) received an award for “2019 Government Innovation Award”,   which is selected and awarded by OECD. OECD has been searching for most innovative cases to study the global trend of government innovation and select innovative cases for sharing with global society.   Since 2017, KISTI’s R&D Investment Analysis Center has been establishing platform and conducting R&D PIE project which is initiated and supported by the Science and Technology Innovation Office in MSIT(Ministry of Science and ICT). R&D PIE is supporting general and strategic review for government policy on technology-training-system-policy. R&D PIE will be applied to 8 priority areas such as Autonomous Car, Unmanned Air Vehicle (drone), Precision Medicine, Fine Dust Reduction, Smart Farm, Smart Grid, Intelligent Robot, Smart City and gradually, will be expended into Renewable Energy and AI in future.  To do so, KISTI has designed connected model for technology-industry-policy-economy-society based on big data analysis on global paper, paten DB and national R&D information. Accordingly, application of R&D PIE was included in “Government R&D Investment Support for Innovative Growth” at the economic ministerial meeting on Feb.
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    Cooperation with Computer Network Information Center of China image
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    Cooperation with Computer Network Information Center of China

    KISTI signed MoU with CNIC(Computer Network Information Center) of China on 20th at its head office in Daejeon City to build mutual cooperation in science and technology. KISTI and CNIC are both leading national research organizations in each country, conducting research on national S&T big data, supercomputing, research network, S&T cloud infrastructure. This MoU is concluded as CNIC has delivered its intention to visit KISTI and to discuss research cooperation. By concluding the MoU, KISTI and CNIC have agreed to cooperate on S&T infrastructure and to conduct research on developing leading technologies including exchanges of researchers and scientists.  Dr.Choi Heeyoon, President of KISTI has said that it is expected to conduct joint research on S&T big data, supercomputing and high-performance research network. Dr.Liao Fangyu, Director General of CNIC also mentioned that this MoU will generate synergy effect on S&T development for both countries.
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