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  • 122019. 07
    KISTI. awarded SAG for data-driven urban flooding solution at 2019 User Conference  image
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    KISTI. awarded SAG for data-driven urban flooding solution at 2019 User Conferen...

    KISTI was recognized excellence for its “Data-driven Solution for Urban Flooding”. ESRI, a world leading GIS software company, has announced at 2019 User Conference(UC) held in San Diego on July 10th that ‘Real-time flooding prediction solution’ was awarded SAG(Special Achievement in GIS) for its advanced successful solution case of urban flooding in cooperation with research institute and metropolitan city  *UC(User Conference) is world largest GIS conference and it is annually hosted by ESRI. About 18,000 GIS researchers and specialists from 140 countries are gathering together to discus and share up-to-dated research, trend and technology of GIS. KISTI was received positive evaluation for securing golden time to respond in advance with urban flooding by developing “real-time flooding prediction solution”  combining data, artificial intelligence analysis and supercomputing infrastructure of KISTI.
  • 102019. 07
    STAR-Value(Web-based technology valuation system) is transferred to China image
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    STAR-Value(Web-based technology valuation system) is transferred to China

    KISTI has concluded technology transfer agreement with China Chendu Longneng Technology Co. at its head office on July 8th.. This agreement aims to provide customized technology evaluation system(STAR-Value System) and development of platform. KISTI STAR-Value System is a Web-based technology valuation system that provides major knowledge information of estimated ground for different stages in the process of technology evaluation and is Data Science-based analysis technollgy supporting credible technology evaluation system on the web.  By utilizing STAR-Value System, China Chendu Longneng Technology will develop technology evaluation system for Chinese market and will support technology commercialization and finance for companies in China. Chendu Longneng Technology is a leading company in technology evaluation and has a plan to facilitate technology commercialization and  finance support of public high-tech companies in China. So, it is highly expected to promote utilization of STAR-Value System in global market.
  • 042019. 07
    KISTI President visit to SMEs image
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    KISTI President visit to SMEs

    Dr.Choi Heeyoon and KISTI researchers visited Bukang Tech. which is a leading company of waste water treatment on July 1st. located in Daejeon City. This visit aims to promote KISTI's supporting program to SMEs utilizing its resources in information, analysis and supercomputer and to listen their difficulties in developing new technology and market. Due to limited resources and capacity, many SMEs are suffering from information divide and are quite vulnerable to swift changes of external R&D environment. To help this, KISTI has been expanding its supporting program for SMEs and this site visit is a part of this program. KISTI has provided Bukang Tech with Modeling and Simulation service to generate optimized technology for waste water treatment and to develop promising technology for future competitiveness.
  • 212019. 06
    KISTI and NAS of Belarus have agreed to work together for building national R&D information managment system image
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    KISTI and NAS of Belarus have agreed to work together for building national R&D ...

    KISTI and NAS of Belarus have concluded MoU for mutual cooperation in the field of science and technology on May 28th at NASB head office in Minsk of Belarus.   By concluding this MoU, both organizations agreed to develop national R&D information management system and to conduct exchange of specialists, joint research program and seminar. This MoU is a follow-up of S&T bilateral meeting between the government of Korea and Belarus, which was held on April in Minsk. During the meeting, the Ministry of Belarus expressed its strong interest in benchmarking national R&D information management system of Korea. Dr.Choi Hee-yoon, President of KISTI has said that this MoU will strengthen mutual cooperation for building national R&D information system and proposed to feasibility study for R&D information collection and service environment of Belarus with joint seminar on S&T trend and research.. Dr.Gusakov, Chairman of NAS of Belarus also expressed his strong expectations in building partnership with Korea having similar experience in history and also hoped that this MoU will generate many cooperation and achievements beneficial to both countries.
  • 212019. 06
    KISTI has attracted ICGC-ARGO Regional Data Processing Center in Korea image
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    KISTI has attracted ICGC-ARGO Regional Data Processing Center in Korea

    KISTI has concluded MoU, aimed to operate ICGC-ARGO Regional Data Processing Center in Korea with NCC(National Cancer Center) and SNU(Seoul National University) at 2nd ICGC(International  Cancer Genome Consortium)-ARGO(Accelerating Research on Genome Oncology) held on May 28th at the university of Glasgow in UK. The role of RDPC is to collect, verify and distribute Genome Data generated by participating countries of ARGO project and to transmit them to Central Data Coordination Center.    By operating DPC in Korea, KISTI, NCC and SNU will establish computing infrastructure with maximum capacity of processing 10,000 genome data per year and will process genome data those generated from Korea, Japan and China. And also, the RDPC will collect cancer genome data of Korea and global clinic cancer genome data which is worth about US$417 million. By sharing, analyzing and conducting joint research on cancer genome data, DPC is expected to facilitate cancer genome research in Korea. Moreover, KISTI, with its role as Tier-1 center of CERN, will lay the firm foundation for Global Experimental Data Hub Center in Asia by operating DPC in Korea. Dr.Choi Heeyoon, President of KISTI said “Attracting DPC in Korea is successful case of  collaboration among KISTI, SNU and NCC utilizing their specialties” and “is hoping to promote research competitiveness in biomedical data”.
  • 242018. 10
    KISTI, MoU with ARC(Athena Research & Innovation Center) for Reseach Data Cooperation image
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    KISTI, MoU with ARC(Athena Research & Innovation Center) for Reseach Data Cooper...

    KISTI has concluded MoU with ARC(Athena Research & Innovation Center) on Oct. 16th to cooperate in joint application of research data. ARC is a research institute specialized in multiple contents and data processing technology, digital curation and dissemination system and is operating OpenAIRE, which is an integrated platform connecting research report and data repository in Europe. ARC has golobal reputation for its active and successful enforcement of more than 2,000 national R&D projects and  publication of 1000 research reports. By concluding the MoU, KISTI and ARC will work togeter for Open-data, Open-access and exchange of research report and data including the connection of relevant operation system
  • 202018. 09
    The ICSTI 2018 Annual Conference was held in London on Sep.10 to 11 image
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    The ICSTI 2018 Annual Conference was held in London on Sep.10 to 11

    The ICSTI 2018 Annual Conference was held in London on Sep.10 to 11 hosted by British Library. About 40 representatives from 15 member countries participated in GA and workshop.  Sep.10 was devoted to ICSTI management affairs such as GA, member-to-member presentation and 10th anniversary of world wide science alliance which was founded in 2008 ICSTI GA in Korea. During the member-to-member presentation, Dr.Sea Tae-sul, Director of  Open Access Center of KISTI has presented KISTI’s strategy of open access. World Wide Science Alliance(WWSA) has celebrated 10th anniversary of its foundation. It was founded in 2008 ICSTI GA in Korea and became a global science gateway comprised of national and international scientific databases and portals. At the opening remarks, chairman of WWSA has read a congratulatory message from Dr.Choi Hee-yoon, President of KISTI, who couldn’t attend the ceremony this year due to her business reason.     On Sep.11th, the ITOC and TACC workshops titled respectively ‘The Scientific Library of the Future’, and ‘Discovering and Connecting Related Research Objects in the Modern Science Landscape’ — were proceeded and all participating members have shared high quality and content-rich contributions by presenters.      .
  • 302018. 08
    Dr.Choi Hee-yoon delivered a speech at EKC 2018 image
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    Dr.Choi Hee-yoon delivered a speech at EKC 2018

    EKC 2017 was held from Aug.20th to 24th in Glasgow. EKC is an annual conference where scientists, engineers, government officials, industry exeives, and policy-makers from both Korea and Europe share expertise and ideas and develop networking and collaboration. EKC has been held annually in different European countries and has become the most important scientific and social event, bringing scientists and engineers from Europe and Korea together. KISTI also participated in EKC 2018, promoting its KOSEN(Korea Scientists and Engineers Network) project which is connecting Korean scientists and engineers in 70 countries with 130,000 members. At the Korea-Europe R&D forum held on Aug.22nd, Dr.Choi Hee-yoon delivered a speech on "The Role of KISTI in the 4th Industrial Revolution Age". She explained knowledge infrastructure KISTI has been developing as a national leading research institute of science and technology. Especially, she emphasized drastic challenges of R&D environment and to cope with that, she said " it is highly necessary to build virtuous circle of dynamic data ecosystem where industry-academia and research institutes can share the knowledge,data and can cooperate together. 
  • 232018. 08
    KISTI has participated in the opening ceremony of SINCYT in Costa Rica image
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    KISTI has participated in the opening ceremony of SINCYT in Costa Rica

    Dr.Choi Hee-yoon and KISTI researchers have participated in the opening ceremony of “SINCYT” service system, integrated information management system on national R&D information which was developed by KISTI and transferred to Costa Rica based on bilateral agreement between Korea and Costa Rica on Oct. 2016. The “SINCYT” has its significance for KISTI because it is the first case of global technology transfer of NTIS and was recognized highly for its efficiency and outstanding performance for managing national R&D information. KISTI has concluded LOC(Letter of Commitment) with MICITT of Costa Rica on Dec. 2017 and ed developing SINCYT in cooperation with Soft ITech in Korea and ICE(Instituto Costarricense de Elecricidad) in Costa Rica. In its prototype stage, SINCYT has developed information on R&D projects and researchers those who are participated in national R&D project. Dr.Choi Hee-yoon said in her welcome speech that this case will set a good precedent to many countries who’d like to benchmark NTIS system and KISTI will not save any efforts in promoting its global cooperation for sharing NTIS and S&T infrastructure of KISTI.  Mr.Carlos Alvarado, President of Costa Rica, also mentioned he will strongly support this system to be applied into more various areas of national R&D information.  
  • 142018. 05
    2018 Korea-Vietnam joint workshop was held in Hanoi on April 24th. image
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    2018 Korea-Vietnam joint workshop was held in Hanoi on April 24th.

    KISTI, in cooperation with VAST(Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) has organized 2018 Joint workshop in Hanoi on April 24th, This workshop aims to present  prototype of COMPAS vietnam version and to invite recommendations and contributions from Veitnam S&T specialists and researchers. Miso Tech. Corp, which is developing COMPAS Vietnam version is also participated in the workshp and demonstrated its version and proposed COMPAS transfer including price and other conditions. Participating scientists and researchers have shown strong interest in COMPAS Vietnam version but they also demanded to load more patent analysis tool into COMPAS to make it more competitive in comparison with other analysis system which is being served by other countries...
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