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  • 172019. 09
    Korea Supercomputitng and KREONET 2019  image
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    Korea Supercomputitng and KREONET 2019

    “Korea Supercomputing Conference(KSC) and KREONET 2019” is held at the K-Hotel on Sep.5-6 with the title of “Supercomputing Everywhere Connected”. With the 11th year of the year, the KSC is the largest academic and technical conference for supercomputing area and is jointly organized with KREONET(Korea REsearch Open NETwork) this year.    Outstanding research reports and up-to-dated technical trends on supercomputing and high-performance research network are presented and many scientists and researchers from abroad shared their experience and research outputs. On its 1st day, some of distinguished scientists from home and abroad presented keynote speech on several topics such as supercomputing and utilization, conversion of data and supercomputing, big-data analysis, high-performance research network.  Among the speakers. Dr.Yoshio Oyanagi, professor of Kobe University has presented his research on the development of supercomputer in Japan and its utilization for social issues with the title of “From Numerical Wind Tunnel Computer to Fugaku Supercomputer”. Dr.Katherine Yelick, a professor at the university of California, Berkeley has presented how data scientists cope with explosive data increase in biology, material science, aerospace and introduced technical factors necessary for data science. On 2nd day, with the title of “Coevolution of Big data and Natural Science” Dr.Lee Jaehyun delivered invited speech on machine learning and deep learning as a good way of extracting interpretable result from big data with its utilization in physics and astronomy. Dr.Thomas Schulteis of ETH, Zurich with the title of “Supercomputing and Service Architecture” has introduced best practice of SCCS(Centro Svizzero di Calcolo Scientifico) for improving user service by using cloud and web environment. Finally, Dr.Choi heeyoon, President of KISTI, has emphasized that supercomputer is essential for data-driven ecosystem and innovation for science and technology and will strongly support to make the firm foundation for collaborative environment between supercomputer and research network to cope with social issues.  
  • 042019. 09
    KISTI R&D PIE received an award for "2019 Government Innovation Award by OECD image
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    KISTI R&D PIE received an award for "2019 Government Innovation Award by OECD

    KISTI announced on Aug.21 that R&D PIE(Platform for Investment Evaluation) received an award for “2019 Government Innovation Award”,   which is selected and awarded by OECD. OECD has been searching for most innovative cases to study the global trend of government innovation and select innovative cases for sharing with global society.   Since 2017, KISTI’s R&D Investment Analysis Center has been establishing platform and conducting R&D PIE project which is initiated and supported by the Science and Technology Innovation Office in MSIT(Ministry of Science and ICT). R&D PIE is supporting general and strategic review for government policy on technology-training-system-policy. R&D PIE will be applied to 8 priority areas such as Autonomous Car, Unmanned Air Vehicle (drone), Precision Medicine, Fine Dust Reduction, Smart Farm, Smart Grid, Intelligent Robot, Smart City and gradually, will be expended into Renewable Energy and AI in future.  To do so, KISTI has designed connected model for technology-industry-policy-economy-society based on big data analysis on global paper, paten DB and national R&D information. Accordingly, application of R&D PIE was included in “Government R&D Investment Support for Innovative Growth” at the economic ministerial meeting on Feb.
  • 212019. 08
    Cooperation with Computer Network Information Center of China image
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    Cooperation with Computer Network Information Center of China

    KISTI signed MoU with CNIC(Computer Network Information Center) of China on 20th at its head office in Daejeon City to build mutual cooperation in science and technology. KISTI and CNIC are both leading national research organizations in each country, conducting research on national S&T big data, supercomputing, research network, S&T cloud infrastructure. This MoU is concluded as CNIC has delivered its intention to visit KISTI and to discuss research cooperation. By concluding the MoU, KISTI and CNIC have agreed to cooperate on S&T infrastructure and to conduct research on developing leading technologies including exchanges of researchers and scientists.  Dr.Choi Heeyoon, President of KISTI has said that it is expected to conduct joint research on S&T big data, supercomputing and high-performance research network. Dr.Liao Fangyu, Director General of CNIC also mentioned that this MoU will generate synergy effect on S&T development for both countries.
  • 312019. 07
    Research Data Cooperation with ARDC in Australia image
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    Research Data Cooperation with ARDC in Australia

    KISTI and ARDC, Australian Research Data Commons, have concluded MoU for cooperation in constructing the system of the national research data on 16th July in Sydney, Australia. The two organizations have agreed to cooperate on data exchange, mutual application of their infrastructure, exchange of experience on cloud service for research data, and professionals, and joint researches on the basis of this MoU. KISTI has been establishing and expanding its global collaboration around the world, such as Australia, Japan, and the United States as well as European nations; and it is planning to make efforts to establish the platform for the national research data, which helps to conduct the world top level data-intensive researches through global cooperation with scientifically advanced countries. ARDC has been operating and managing Australian infrastructure and services of research data over 10 years, and leading eResearch in Australia. Furthermore, it is endeavoring to build the world-class research infrastructure of Australian government.
  • 262019. 07
    EDISON Platform was introduced at 2019 Europe-Korea Conference on Science and Technology image
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    EDISON Platform was introduced at 2019 Europe-Korea Conference on Science and Te...

    KISTI has introduced its EDISON Platform at 2019 EKC(Euro-Korea Conference on Science and Technology)held in Vienna on July 15th to 18th. At the R&D matchmaking session which was co-organized by NST(National Research Council of Science and Technology) and GRIs(Government Research Institutes), KIST Europe Office, KIGAM, KIMM and KISTI have participated and introduced their global R&D and cooperation research areas.   EDISON(EDcuation and research integration through Simulation on the Open platform and Net) is an open R&D platform that allows to develop web-based simulation and data-driven intelligent research environment uniting research outcomes from 7 areas of computational science to utilized in education and research on cyber environment. EDISON Platform is an unique web-based service platform in Korea being able to utilize various resources including supercomputer, which has been developed since 2011 with the support of Ministry of Science and Technology and ICT with the aim of providing students of science and engineering background with advanced simulation S/W  and utilization environment. Since 2011, EDISON Platform has been loaded with more than 1,200 computational simulation software and contents in 7 areas developed by 50 universities in Korea and is used by more than 10,000 users. Dr.Lee Jongsook, Director of Computational Science Platform Center said “ I would appreciate to have an opportunity to introduce EDISON Platform to Korean scientists and engineers in Europe and hope to make this opportunity to develop global cooperation with universities and research institutes in Europe.”
  • 122019. 07
    KISTI. awarded SAG for data-driven urban flooding solution at 2019 User Conference  image
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    KISTI. awarded SAG for data-driven urban flooding solution at 2019 User Conferen...

    KISTI was recognized excellence for its “Data-driven Solution for Urban Flooding”. ESRI, a world leading GIS software company, has announced at 2019 User Conference(UC) held in San Diego on July 10th that ‘Real-time flooding prediction solution’ was awarded SAG(Special Achievement in GIS) for its advanced successful solution case of urban flooding in cooperation with research institute and metropolitan city  *UC(User Conference) is world largest GIS conference and it is annually hosted by ESRI. About 18,000 GIS researchers and specialists from 140 countries are gathering together to discus and share up-to-dated research, trend and technology of GIS. KISTI was received positive evaluation for securing golden time to respond in advance with urban flooding by developing “real-time flooding prediction solution”  combining data, artificial intelligence analysis and supercomputing infrastructure of KISTI.
  • 102019. 07
    STAR-Value(Web-based technology valuation system) is transferred to China image
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    STAR-Value(Web-based technology valuation system) is transferred to China

    KISTI has concluded technology transfer agreement with China Chendu Longneng Technology Co. at its head office on July 8th.. This agreement aims to provide customized technology evaluation system(STAR-Value System) and development of platform. KISTI STAR-Value System is a Web-based technology valuation system that provides major knowledge information of estimated ground for different stages in the process of technology evaluation and is Data Science-based analysis technollgy supporting credible technology evaluation system on the web.  By utilizing STAR-Value System, China Chendu Longneng Technology will develop technology evaluation system for Chinese market and will support technology commercialization and finance for companies in China. Chendu Longneng Technology is a leading company in technology evaluation and has a plan to facilitate technology commercialization and  finance support of public high-tech companies in China. So, it is highly expected to promote utilization of STAR-Value System in global market.
  • 042019. 07
    KISTI President visit to SMEs image
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    KISTI President visit to SMEs

    Dr.Choi Heeyoon and KISTI researchers visited Bukang Tech. which is a leading company of waste water treatment on July 1st. located in Daejeon City. This visit aims to promote KISTI's supporting program to SMEs utilizing its resources in information, analysis and supercomputer and to listen their difficulties in developing new technology and market. Due to limited resources and capacity, many SMEs are suffering from information divide and are quite vulnerable to swift changes of external R&D environment. To help this, KISTI has been expanding its supporting program for SMEs and this site visit is a part of this program. KISTI has provided Bukang Tech with Modeling and Simulation service to generate optimized technology for waste water treatment and to develop promising technology for future competitiveness.
  • 212019. 06
    KISTI and NAS of Belarus have agreed to work together for building national R&D information managment system image
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    KISTI and NAS of Belarus have agreed to work together for building national R&D ...

    KISTI and NAS of Belarus have concluded MoU for mutual cooperation in the field of science and technology on May 28th at NASB head office in Minsk of Belarus.   By concluding this MoU, both organizations agreed to develop national R&D information management system and to conduct exchange of specialists, joint research program and seminar. This MoU is a follow-up of S&T bilateral meeting between the government of Korea and Belarus, which was held on April in Minsk. During the meeting, the Ministry of Belarus expressed its strong interest in benchmarking national R&D information management system of Korea. Dr.Choi Hee-yoon, President of KISTI has said that this MoU will strengthen mutual cooperation for building national R&D information system and proposed to feasibility study for R&D information collection and service environment of Belarus with joint seminar on S&T trend and research.. Dr.Gusakov, Chairman of NAS of Belarus also expressed his strong expectations in building partnership with Korea having similar experience in history and also hoped that this MoU will generate many cooperation and achievements beneficial to both countries.
  • 212019. 06
    KISTI has attracted ICGC-ARGO Regional Data Processing Center in Korea image
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    KISTI has attracted ICGC-ARGO Regional Data Processing Center in Korea

    KISTI has concluded MoU, aimed to operate ICGC-ARGO Regional Data Processing Center in Korea with NCC(National Cancer Center) and SNU(Seoul National University) at 2nd ICGC(International  Cancer Genome Consortium)-ARGO(Accelerating Research on Genome Oncology) held on May 28th at the university of Glasgow in UK. The role of RDPC is to collect, verify and distribute Genome Data generated by participating countries of ARGO project and to transmit them to Central Data Coordination Center.    By operating DPC in Korea, KISTI, NCC and SNU will establish computing infrastructure with maximum capacity of processing 10,000 genome data per year and will process genome data those generated from Korea, Japan and China. And also, the RDPC will collect cancer genome data of Korea and global clinic cancer genome data which is worth about US$417 million. By sharing, analyzing and conducting joint research on cancer genome data, DPC is expected to facilitate cancer genome research in Korea. Moreover, KISTI, with its role as Tier-1 center of CERN, will lay the firm foundation for Global Experimental Data Hub Center in Asia by operating DPC in Korea. Dr.Choi Heeyoon, President of KISTI said “Attracting DPC in Korea is successful case of  collaboration among KISTI, SNU and NCC utilizing their specialties” and “is hoping to promote research competitiveness in biomedical data”.
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