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  • 212017. 08
    KISTI held R&D session for international collaboration projects during UKC 2017 image
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    KISTI held R&D session for international collaboration projects during UKC 2017

    KISTI organized a seminar for its global joint R&D projects during the UKC 2017 which was held at Washington D.C. during Aug.09th-12th. This seminar aimed to introduce R&D project and to share performance among researchers partipateing in the project. During the seminar session, 5 projects were presented as follows; -Formational Bounds of Link Prediction for Collaboration Networks -Optimization of global high-resolution nonhydrostatic model(MPAS) and development of service tool   for large data analysis -Enhance the visualization and analysis capabilities of NCAR's VAPOR package -New data mining models to analyze big value networks data -Developing big data analytics framework for U.S. industry intelligence   Researchers and coordinators of projects shared their experience and discussed how to advance their research project in the future. 
  • 162017. 05
    MoU with SATI in Vietnam image
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    MoU with SATI in Vietnam

    KISTI has concluded MoU with SATI(State Agency for Technology Innovation) of MOST in Vietnam on April 18th. This MoU aims to facilitate mutual cooperation in supporing SMEs in Vietnam with science and technology information. KISTI and SATI have agreed to utilize COMPAS(Competitive Information Analysis Service), an On-line analysis service to help users make informed decisions on their R&D and to provide means to analyze the competitive environment(patents and journal articles) of  TOI(Technology of Interest) for SMEs in Vietnam and discussed the way to introduce COMPAS into Vietnam. 
  • 122017. 04
    Belarus S&T delegation visited KISTI image
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    Belarus S&T delegation visited KISTI

    Mr.Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Repulic of Belarus and his S&T delegation have visited KISTI on April 12th. During the visit, there were briefed on National S&T Infrastructure and Sevice developed by KISTI and discussed how to proceed S&T cooperation between Korea and Belarus. Dr.Hahn Sunhwa and Mr.Shumillin have agreed to support S&T cooperation in the field of science, technology and innovation between two countries. In line with this regard, KISTI and BELISA(the Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of Scientific and Technical Sphere under the State Committeee on Science and Technology of the Repulic of Belarus) have conclude MoU focused on promoting science, technology and innovation activities and cooperation between Belarusian and Korean legal entities including rearch organization, universites, business enterprisess and individual scientists and experts based on the principles of equality and mutual benefit. 
  • 192016. 12
    KISTI organized  2016 KISTI Global Academy   image
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    KISTI organized 2016 KISTI Global Academy

    KISTI has organized 2016 KISTI Global Academy Program on Nov.7th-11th at its head office. The objective of this program is to provide participants with opportunities for expanding their global network and sharing their knowledge and experience in providng sceince and technology information infrastructure. This year, STPI from Taiwan, CCSTD from Uzbekistan, NSTC from Cambodia and NASATI from Vietnam have participated and KISTI has presented its supercomputing service, information analysis and NTIS. Participants also presented their information service infrastructure and S&T service enviroment.    After the workshop, participants had a chance to visit one of KISTI's member company  and learned about how SMEs is using KISTI information for their prod  development and commercialization. As a S&T ODA Program, KISTI has been organizing global academy program since 2015 and will expand participating countries next year to faciliate S&T cooperation among developing countries.     
  • 192016. 12
    Uzbekistan International Innovation Forum image
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    Uzbekistan International Innovation Forum

    CCSTD(Committee for Coordination of S&T Development) of Uzbekistan has organized an Internatiional Innovation Forum on May 11-13 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Among the invited participants to share their experience are U.S. U.K, Germany. Korea and so on. After 2 days of presentation and discussion, participants of the forum recognized that reforms conducted  in Uzbekistan in the field of government support of scientific research and organization of innovation activities produced a tangible result. High international level studies are carried out in the field of genetic engineering, biotechnology, cellular technology, chemistry, and materrial sciences. In order to further improve the mechanisms to support innovation activites in Uzbekistan, the participants of the forum recommended 12 suggestins to the government of Uzbekistan and relevnat issues with KISTI are as follows: In order to organize the information flow for the development of innovative economy to provide access for the development of innovative economy to provide access for the scientific community of Uzbekistan, explore the experience of KISTI including the analytical service tool "COMPAS" is highly necessary.  
  • 192016. 12
    KISTI attended 2016 Vietnam National Workshop for S&T Innovation image
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    KISTI attended 2016 Vietnam National Workshop for S&T Innovation

    KISTI has attended 2016 Vietnam S&T Workshop held on Oct. 6th in Hanoi which was organized by  National Agency for Science and Technology Information(NASATI) under the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam. The background information of the workshop is that  MOST received  the preferenctial loans from World Bank to implement the project "Fostering Innovation through research, science and technology-FIRST"  The objective of the FIRST project is to support  science, technology and innovation in Vietnam by designing and piloting of STI policies, enhancing the effectiveness of project-aided research and development institutions and encouraging the development of innovative technology enterprises. On the workshop, KISTI has presented its experience on establishing national R&D management system(NTIS) and competitive information analysis service(COMPAS) to  researchers and scientist of Vietnam.   KISTI also visited State Agency for Technology Innovation(SATI) whose mission is to suuport the competitiveness of SMEs by funding for technology development and commercialization. While visitng SATI, KISTI has presented its COMPAS and agreed to discuss future cooperation for tansferring COMPAS to Vitenam by concluding MoU in future.  
  • 282016. 07
    S&T cooperation with Costa Rica  image
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    S&T cooperation with Costa Rica

    KISTI in cooperation with GCC(Global Commercialization Center) of KAIST has concluded LOI with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications of the Republic of Costa Rica(MICITT) on July 14th at MICITT's office. This agreement aims to intensify mutual cooperation on science and technology between two countries and has its special focus on NTIS, National R&D Information Management  System of Korea this time. In line with this regard, KISTI and MICITT have agreed to conduct feasibility study in advance before ting the project proposal for establishing NTIS in Costa Rica. At a Kick-off metting held in MICITT, Dr.Marcelo M.Jenkins, the Minister of MICITT has emphasized  the importance of getting the cooperation from the universites mainly involved in R&D projects of Costa Rica to make this feasibility study successful. Dr.Hahn Sunhwa, President of KISTI has also said that KISTI will make the most of its experience and know-how acqured from the process of establishing NTIS in Korea. 
  • 192016. 04
    MoU with AL-Farabi Kazakh National University image
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    MoU with AL-Farabi Kazakh National University

    KISTI has concluded MoU with Al-Farabi Kazakh National  University  on April 11th. Dr.Tlekabul S. Ramazanov, Acting Rector of University and Dr.You Beom-jong, Director General of Advanced Information Convergence Div. of KISTI shook hands to support S&T cooperation between KISTI and Al-Farabi University. Especiallym, both organizations have agreed to set their priority on the implementation of R&D through the sharing of existing capacities, knowledge and experience, transferring technology, establishing of lasting partnerships and dissemination of information. Recently, KISTI has ed feasibility study for national R&D environement of Kazakhstan and suggested its plan for establishing Kazakhstand R&D project management ststem to Kazakh Goverment. As a follow-up of this study, KISTI will also cooperate with Kazakh National University for implementing R&D management system.  
  • 252016. 03
    Meeting with VAST(Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology)     image
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    Meeting with VAST(Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology)

    Dr. Moon Young-ho and KISTI researchers visited VAST(Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) on March.16th in Hanoi and had a meeting with Prof.Dr.Sc.Duong Ngoc Hai, Vice President of VAST and some of representatives of VAST institutes. During the meeting, Dr.Lee Hyuck-jai has introduced COMPAS to VAST and discussed the way of technology consulting and transfer of COMPAS system. COMPAS is developed by KISTI and is suitable software for analyzing competitive information for SMEs who want to devlep new product and want to know of their competitors. COMPAS is an on-line analysis service which is intended to help firs make information decisions by providing means to analyze the comptitive environment-often represented by the vast amount of the intellectual peroperties such as patents, journal articles, and traading statistics. User can condut rapid and in-depth analysis on the most frequently asked MOT(Managment of Technology) questions of targeted technological areas by following the simple and easy steps in COMPAS. Dr. Moon and and Dr.Duong, Vice President  of KISTI and VAST have agreed to conduct joint R&D project first before introducing COMPAS system to Vietnam. KISTI and ISI ,IOIT of Vietnam will discuss follow-up actions in near future.
  • 252016. 03
    2016 Korea-Vietnam Workshop for S&T Infrastructure image
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    2016 Korea-Vietnam Workshop for S&T Infrastructure

    KISTI held 4th Korea-Vietnam workshop for S&T Information in Hanoi on March 15th. This workshop was held in cooperation with ISI(Institute of Science and Technology Information) and IOIT(Institute of Information Technology). KISTI has presented its R&D on information service, high-performance research network and COMPAS(Competitive Information Analysis Service) to scientists and researchers of VAST(Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology). As science and technolgoy ODA program, KISTI has been co-organizing S&T workshop wtih Vietnam to share its knowledge and experience KISTI has been builidng up for the past 53 years on national S&T Knowledge Infrastructure.   
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