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  • 252013. 06
    Cooperaton with Uzbekistan image
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    Cooperaton with Uzbekistan

    The 1st Uzbek-Korea forum for science and technology was held in Tashkent on July 26th. 3 research staffs particiated in the forum and presented KISTI's overview and its integrated information service porter with document delivery service. Before the forum, KISTI has concluded MoU with CCSTD(Committee for Coordination of Science and Technology Development),which is under the?Cabinet Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. This forum and MoU between KISTI and CCSTID resulted from the visit of CCSTD to KISTI last Feb.?When visiting KISTI, the delegation?were briefed on KISTI's information infrastructure and?its information service for industry,academia and reserch institutes and they showed strong intention to?learn the developemtn process of information infrastructure. In line with this regard, KISTI has dispatched 3?staff to participate in the forum?and presented its major research service and concluded MoU to lay the foundation for mutual cooperation in inforamtion collection and its related services.?During the?meeting with CCSTD,?Dr.Choi Ho-nam, a?director of information servcie center agreed to seek the way?of?promoting mutual cooperation. Especially,?KISTI and CCSTI agreed to put priority on?training program for CCSTD staff in KISTI and organization of annual workshop between KSITI and?CCSTD.?
  • 192013. 04
    Dr.Ahn Sul-ah was awarded Prime Minister's Commendation image
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    Dr.Ahn Sul-ah was awarded Prime Minister's Commendation

    Dr.Ahn Sul-ah, a senior researcher of Global Data Hub Center at KISTI, received Prime Minister's Commendation at 46th Science and 58th ICT Day on May 19th . Dr.Ahn was awarded this honor for her outstanding contribution in high-performance computational physics, reseach and development of bioinformatics and her mentoring activities for university students studying in science and engineering. President Park Geun-hye, Dr.Choi Mun-kee, Minister of Science, ICT & Future Planning and about 800 employees of science and ICT industries attended the ceremony which was held to support the harmony of science and ICT.
  • 162013. 04
    English Journal JSTaP is published by KISTI  image
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    English Journal JSTaP is published by KISTI

    JISTaP(Journal of Information Science Theory and Practice), the first English journal on informatics in Korea, is published by KISTI on April 18th. KISTI has organized its publishing seminar at Daejeon Head Office and presented its preparation process and future plan. JISTaP, a quarterly journal, will publish the outcome of various research theories and applications of information dissemination and technology in informatics. JISTaP will be made in open access journal and anybody can access it free of charge and especially easy on mobile environment. More interestingly, QR code will be attached to every journals to be pubished for the first time in the world. Dr.Gary Marchionini, University of North Carolina and Dr.Oh Dong-geun, Keimyung University were appointed joint chief-editors and about 30 prominent scientists and specialists in 8 countries will participate as editors of JISTaP. Dr.Choi, director of KISTI infomation service center was appointed a deputy-editor and said "JISTaP will be a world renowned academic journal in future because it will go by the international level peer-reivew process?and can also be searched at global sites such?as Google Scholar and?WorldWideScience". KISTI is expecting?to share the experience accumulated from publishing JISTaP with?local journal?publishing associations to contribute to the globalization of domestic S&T journals.
  • 032013. 04
    Dr.Lee Ji-soo's interview with Korea IT News image
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    Dr.Lee Ji-soo's interview with Korea IT News

    "I thought that the same people should not use the supercomputer for the same purpose?15 years ago and 5 years ago" said Dr.Lee Ji-soo who is a director general of national supercomputing center?at the interview with Korea IT news on the occasion of the foundation of National Supercomputer Center. Application of supercomputer is quite active in every industries in U.S. but remins stationary in Korea. As the Big data is emerging as a new issue, capability of supercomputing application will be a key factor deciding the competitiveness of national science and technology.? ?Dr.Lee said KISTI has a plan to develop its own supercomputer in near future. "Planning will be done by this year and technology development will be conducted from next year"he said. He also added that the basic framework for national supercomputing application is set now by the legislation of the laws for application and promotion of national high-performance computer last year and establishment of supercomputing eco-system remains to be done.
  • 132012. 11
    KISTI concluded MoU with CUK image
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    KISTI concluded MoU with CUK

    KISTI has concluded MoU with CUK(Catholic University of Korea) on Nov.16. CUK has 155 years of history and has strength in medicine and engineering areas. By concluding MoU, KISTI and CUK have agreed to support and enhance the competitiveness of science and technology in DaeGu Provincial area where CUK has its campus.l During the ceremony, Dr.Park Young-seo,President of KISTI has emphasized the importance of mutual collaboration between research institute and university to find out growth engine for local economy.
  • 162012. 09
    Knowledge donation for primary students image
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    Knowledge donation for primary students

    KISTI did its knowledge donation for primary students and social welfare facility. Dr.Jang, a branch manager of KISTI visited Young-chun primary school, located in the southern part of Kyung-gi province and made a lecture on "Invention and its application". Dr.Jang showed many interesting cases of design products and emphasized the importance of innovative thinking in our daily life. In the afternoon of that day, Dr.Kim Han-gi and a few staff of KISTI have visited Jaewon, which is social welfare facility accomodating about 500 disabled and homeless women and hold class for basic cause for powerpoint and other application. Dr.Park Young-seo, President of KISTI also joined there and emphasized the role of public organizations for socially unprivileged people and promised that KISTI will not save any efforts for those people.
  • 172012. 08
    2012 Korea Science Festival image
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    2012 Korea Science Festival

    The Korea Science Creativity Festival was held from Aug.14th to 19th at KINTEX. Regarding the science and technology events in Korea, this science festival is the biggest among its kind and about 350 organizations have participated in the festival and more than 400 hands-on programs were available for participants. This year, KISTI has opened its booth with the title of "Supercompuitng World" and displayed many remarkable research results that have been supported by supercomputer. Visitors to KISTI booth could understand general information on supercomputer such as its definition, development history, applications and commercialized products by industry.
  • 172012. 07
    MOU with KOSPO image
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    MOU with KOSPO

    On July 18th, KISTI has concluded MoU with KOSPO(Korea Southern Power Corp.) which is government own energy company and was established in 2001. By concluding the MoU, KISTI and KOSPO have agreed to share the contents of information resources and technology research and education. Both organizations will also select 20 energy companies and will provide them with knowledge mentoring services that aims to improve global competitiveness in technology research and commercialization of those companies.
  • 162012. 07
    International Workshop on Pathway Research image
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    International Workshop on Pathway Research

    KISTI hold an international workshop with the title of "Current and Future in Pathway Research" in its head office on July 6th and discussed ways to vitalize international collaboration on interdisciplinary research among biology, medical science, chemistry and computer science. Dr.Junichi Tsujii of Microsoft and Professor, Kousaku Okubo of Japan Biology Information Center and about 10 other distinguished specialists of biotechnology from home and abroad were in attendance at the workshop.
  • 102012. 07
    NTIS, Award for UN Public Service image
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    NTIS, Award for UN Public Service

    NTIS, which is KISTI's representative and innovative service system for national R&D project was given an honarary UN Public Service Award for its excellent and outstanding performance in the field of government knowledge management. The UN Public Service Award has been given to outstanding public policy and regulations since 2003 and has its top authority in the area. NTIS was given the awarded for its contribution in strengthening communication and cooperation between the government and public institutions and in setting up knowledge management policy that could provide government, university, research institute and even general citizens with easy and joint application of national R&D information.
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