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  • 292022. 07
    IDW 2022 & Open Science Workshop completed successfully image
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    IDW 2022 & Open Science Workshop completed successfully

    IDW 2022 & Open Science Workshop completed successfully - Strengthening international cooperation of open data-based R&D -  KISTI hosted the world's largest data conference, International Data Week 2022 and co-events, under the theme of 'Data which is for better world making' on Seoul Dragon City Hotel from June 20th to 24th.  IDW 2022 was a joint holding event to open & share research data with international organizations of data such as, Committee on Data(CODATA) which is an affiliated organization of International Science Council(ISC), World Data System(WDS), Research Data Alliance(RDA) which is the world's biggest research data initiative. And also KISTI, Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources(KIGAM), Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine(KIOM), Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science(KRISS), National Library of Korea, and SungKyunKwan University(SKKU) hosted jointly. Furthermore for a successful hosting, Korean Ministry of Science and ICT, Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Seoul Metropolitan Government, National Research Council of Science & Technology of Korea, Korean National Commission for UNESCO and Korea Tourism Organization sponsored.  For this event, a large number of experts and notables from data-related international organizations, Seoul Metropolitan Government, National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, research institutes, libraries, universities, and companies participated. This proves the advent of the era of data economy that affects not only S&T fields but also all fields, with an importance of data. 827 people(216 Koreans and 611 foreigners) who are data sharing-utilization researchers, enterprisers, policy experts, data scientists and data managers from 50 countries of all over the world(13 Asian countries, 20 European countries, 5 African countries, 2 North American countries, 4 South American countries, 2 Oceania countries, 4 Middle Eastern countries) attended the event online & offline.  IDW 2022 was consisted of 139 sessions for 5 days: ▲8 plenary sessions under the theme of 'Data which is for better world making', ▲19th RDA plenary meeting's 73 sessions under the theme of 'Global infrastructure development and support to promote data sharing and re-use', ▲47 sessions of SciDataCon 2022 about the issues related research data, ▲KISTI Open Science Workshop and such 7 co-hosted events and 4 poster sessions. And there were various and meaningful discussions to share understanding the importance of Open data & its sharing in the Open Science era, by presentations of data policies and cases.  Also KISTI had a meeting to enhance global cooperations with CODATA and ORCID in this week. Barend Mons, president of CODATA said, "We would like to ask for the role and support of KISTI as a representative organization of CODATA Korea.". Ivo Wijnbergen, manager of ORCID said, "We hope to find collaboration in promoting Open Data by linking KISTI's DataON and ORCID ID.".  In the plenary session under the theme of 'Global State of Open Science', Choi Kwang-nam, director general of KISTI National S&T Data Division introduced all over the world's data experts a status of Open Science in Korea and KISTI, and a policy trend of Open Science in Korea. Furthermore he showed KISTI's platforms: AccessON, DataON, ScienceON, that can show a competitiveness of KISTI.  On the 24th(Fri.), the last day of IDW 2022, KISTI held a one of co-event 'Open Science Workshop'. It aimed forming the understanding and consensus among Open Science stakeholders, and spreading the base of Open Science. The workshop became a place to share a status of national open science and cases to innovate S&T for the future. Industries-academia-research institutes participated online and offline, and its programs were ▲Open Science system·policy status and issues, ▲Direction of big data development through Open Access and Open Data, and ▲Open cooperation for an achievement of Open Science. In the 3 sessions, there were presentations and discussions of the current status and cases.  Kim Jae-soo, president of KISTI said, "In IDW 2022 and Open Science Workshop, KISTI got a leading international position of data-driven R&D field by confirmation a capability of developing and supporting global infrastructure to promote data sharing and re-use. And with OECD and UNESCO, we could also lead Open Science by enhancing open data-based global R&D cooperation.".
  • 112022. 07
    KISTI hosted the 9th Korea-China-Japan S&T information joint seminar image
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    KISTI hosted the 9th Korea-China-Japan S&T information joint seminar

    KISTI hosted the 9th Korea-China-Japan S&T information joint seminar - For 2 days online seminar from June 16th to 17th - - Representative information research institutes'(KISTI, ISTIC, JST) experts attended from those 3 nations -  KISTI held 'The 9th Korea-China-Japan S&T Information Joint Seminar' from June 16th to 17th with those 3 nations representative information research institutes under the theme of 'Open Science and STI Innovation'.  The Korea-China-Japan STI joint seminar took place from 2010, and has been co-hosted by KISTI, Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China(ISTIC) and Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST). The purpose of this seminar is to share technologies and case reports for managing data efficiently which is the core value of S&T competitiveness and building a data open&share ecosystem, among those 3 institutes' researchers.  Kim Jae-soo, president of KISTI appreciated to KISTI's 60th anniversary congratulations from ISTIC and JST, and hopefully said, "We will play a leading role in the field of STI through the cooperations with overseas research institutes.". Zhao Zhiyun, president of ISTIC and Koda Akira, vice president of JST sent greeting messages to state that they will co-work each other for promoting those 3 nations' friendship and establishing a cooperation system among the nations through an international interaction in data field. Nam Eun-kyung, senior engineer from Open Access Center of KISTI presentated about AccessON which is operated by KISTI as a national open access platform.  In this seminar, researchers from the 3 institutes' shared knowledge and information about 4 themes of ▲ Open Science ▲ S&T Information Service ▲ STI Analysis Platform ▲ STI Cooperation and Innovation. KISTI focused on the latest content of DX innovation and STI cooperation, JST importantly introduced researches related to Open Science, and ISTIC showed high interest in the latest technologies and knowledge organizations about information service.   Lee Hye-jin, director of Digital Curation Center of KISTI said, "Our plan is to establish an intelligent STI curation system and strengthen international cooperations for the digital transformation of the S&T information construction-sharing system through leading data standardization and intelligent technology development. This seminar will be a new starting point for global R&D cooperation and the DX.".
  • 072022. 07
    KISTI held a 60th anniversary ceremony of its foundation image
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    KISTI held a 60th anniversary ceremony of its foundation

    KISTI held a 60th anniversary ceremony of its foundation - Chief Data Officer/Organization(CDO) which leads DX with national S&T data -  KISTI held a ceremony of the 60th anniversary of its foundation at KISTI Daejeon HQ on June 9th. KISTI, which began as Korea Science & Technology Information Center(KORSTIC) in 1962, was launched in 2001 by integrating Korea Institute of Industry and Technology Information(KINITI) and Korea Research & Development Information Center(KORDIC). At the day, Oh Tae-Seog, the 1st vice minister of Korean Ministry of Science and ICT, Lee Sang-Min, the national assembly member of Korea, and Kim Bok-chul, the chairperson of National Research Council of Science & Technology of Korea, attended the ceremony.  Starting with the DDS(Document Delivery Service) in 1962, KISTI has laid the foundation for the establishment of a national S&T data platform, including the Korea's first online information retrieval service in 1978 and the implementation of Hangeul(Korean language) searching service in 1985. In addition, regional information centers were built near the seats of city halls and provincial governments to promote a busi